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WooSlider – The ultimate Slideshow Plugin for WordPress

WooSlider is a ultimate slideshow WordPress plugin from WooThemes  for easily and quickly creating slideshows of your content. With an easy-to-use integrated shortcode creator, it’s possible to add slideshows directly into the content of your blog posts, pages and other post types you have in your WordPress installation (for example, into the description of a WooCommerce product). Powered by FlexSlider2, a fully responsive jQuery slider plugin.

WooSlider Plugin

Take a look at WooSlider

What can WooSlider do out of the box?

Out of the box, WooSlider comes bundled with a full settings panel for customising options for all your slideshows (unless you choose to override them for specific slideshows) as well as three slideshow types; “attachments”, “posts” and “slides”. With these bundled slideshow types, it’s possible to quickly create slideshows of the images attached to the current page or blog post (useful for displaying slideshows of gallery images), your recent blog posts (or posts for specific categories or tags) as well as fully customisable slides using our popular “slide” custom post type, which is bundled with several WooThemes themes (these play nicely with WooSlider, never fear).

These three slideshow types come bundled with various options specific to each type, in order to customise the slideshow to suit your needs. Only the relevant options are displayed at any given time, so you won’t be flooded with a list of irrelevant options.

WooSlider aims to stay out of your way until you need it, at which point it springs to life and is at the ready to assist you in adding slideshows as easily and quickly as possible.


What about sliders in existing and future WooThemes themes?

Sliders in existing and future WooThemes themes will be created as always. WooSlider will never be a requirement for upcoming themes and “default” sliders in those themes will always work without WooSlider.

Developer Friendly… with a slideshows API as well

Integrating WooSlider into your theme is as easy as using either the shortcode, the wooslider(); template tag or one of the slideshow widgets made available for displaying your slideshows in any of your dynamic widget areas.

Creating custom slideshow types has also been made possible via our slideshows API, built into WooSlider, for which full documentation has been provided on our WooThemes Knowledge Base. What it comes down to, with the slideshows API is, you let WooSlider know about your new slideshow type and hand it a small array of the content for each slide. WooSlider handles the rest. With this API, the limit to what can be added as a slideshow is only set by your imagination.

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