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Shuffle Corporate & Portfolio WordPress Theme

Shuffle is a premium WordPress theme from ThemeForest best suitable for business/corporate & portfolio site. It comes with 5 custom widgets, 5 color styles, sortable portfolio and featured slider custom post types, html5 video player, 5 page templates, and much more.

Shuffle Corporate & Portfolio WordPress Theme


  • Custom Post Types – Shuffle comes with easy to use custom post types for the portfolio and slider. The custom post types have options to configure and fine tune every detail just the way you want.
  • Flexible Columns – Write your content with style and in any format with the help of flexible columns shortcode.
  • Styling & Formatting – With the help of the styling and formatting shortcodes you can style and format your content in any way.
    • Dropcaps – Drop the first letters of your paragraph in 3 styles;
    • List Styles – Three styles for your lists;
    • Framed Boxes – Three styles of framed boxes;
    • Highlighted Text – Highlight your text in 5 different colors;
    • Tooltips – Add a bubble with text to any portion of content;
    • Styled Table – Just write your table markup and the styling is piece of cake;
    • Url Shortening – Easily shorten your long urls with Google’s url shortening service (goo.gl);
    • Dividers – Separate any section or paragraph of content with a space or an image divider.
  • Buttons – Shuffle comes with 2 styles of buttons. The “Read More” button and a set of customizable buttons that come in 10 colors and 2 sizes for you to choose from.
  • Tabs, Accordions & Toggles – Shuffle has 2 types of tabbed content (horizontal & vertical), accordion content and toggle content;
  • Google Maps – Insert Google maps with ease anywhere in your website pages;
  • Google Charts – Insert any type of chart in your content with just a few clicks;
  • Testimonials – Display your client’s testimonials with style. If you add the power of the flexible columns sky is the limit when formatting your testimonials section;
  • Corporate Pricing Table – With Shuffle you can now insert incredible pricing tables with a few clicks of a mouse. Your tables will stand out of the crowd in terms of design and usability;
  • Audio – Shuffle comes with a custom audio player. Inserting your audio files into your content is easier than ever;
  • Video – Shuffle comes with a custom html5 video player with flash fallback (will gracefully degrade to flash player in browsers that do not support html5 yet) that you can insert with just a few clicks from the WordPress editor menu. Also, inserting Youtube or Vimeo videos is at a mouse click away.
  • Contact Forms – Add a contact form to any page you want. Just input your e-mail address and you’re good to go.
  • Five built-in custom page templates:
    • Blog
    • Sitemap
    • Full Width Page
    • 3 Column Portfolio
    • 1 Column Portfolio

Price: $35

Demo & Release Page | Download

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