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NoteBook Multimedia WordPress Theme

According our previous post NoteBook Preview, maybe you have gained a remarkable understanding of some central and important aspects of the NoteBook Preview. Today I’m so exciting to inform you this theme has been released from Elegant Themes.

Notebook is a fun multimedia theme that takes advantage of WordPress post formats and advanced CSS3 animations. The result is a unique and highly engaging design that is sure that impress your visitors. Notebook makes it easy to share a variety of content, including audio, video, photographs and standard blog posts.

NoteBook WordPress Theme


  • Unlimited Color Schemes – Notebook comes with various background textures and the ability to adjust the background color and font colors giving you an unlimited number of possibilities.
  • Optional Blog-Style Structure – Even though Notebook was created to be a CMS with a Page-Based structure, you can also run the theme like a normal blog instead.
  • Dozens of Fonts – Notebook comes with various font options, allowing you to adjust the header and body text independently.
  • Unique Css3 Effects – Notebook will surely impress your visitors with its use of advanced CSS3 effects that will work smoothly on all modern browsers and mobile devices.
  • Automated Thumbnail Resizing
  • Advertising Management
  • Complete Localisation
  • Threaded Comments
  • Gravatar Ready
  • PSD files
  • Valid XHTML + CSS
  • Smooth Tabless Design
  • Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Safari IE8 + IE7 + IE6 compatible

Price: Club Membership for only $39 (Best Value)
Developer’s License: $89

Demo & Release Page | Download

Elegant Themes Club Membership provides unlimited access to 60+ themes with 2-3 new themes each month (the price per theme is less than $0.65!). They create high quality, professional User-Interface, fashion & beautiful premium WordPress themes for various niches including: Business / CMS, ecommerce, magazine / news, portal, portfolio, personal, micro and professional blogging.

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