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My Restaurant Theme Version 2.0 Released

We are pleased to announce a very popular & professional Restaurant WordPress theme –  MyRestaurantTheme update to Version 2.0. This is a major update, with loads of new features and enhancements, Users updating are urged to replace all theme files, and read through the some important notes on upgrading.

My Restaurant Theme Classic Style

Hosted Restaurant Website Service: $0 + $34/month
WordPress Restaurant Theme: $149

Demo & Release Page | Download

Important notes on My Restaurant Theme V2.0 upgrading

V2.0 being a major overhaul of many areas of MyRestaurantTheme, updating is a bit trickier than usual. Here are the things you’ll need to be mindful of.

1. You’ll need to deactivate your existing MyRestaurantTheme before copying the new files onto your server. Deactivation is done by activating another theme. Once you’ve activated another theme, you can copy the new MyRestaurantTheme files, and reactivate V2.0.

2. They’re using a brand new, advanced shopping cart, They weren’t able to save all your existing settings, which means you’ll need to redo the settings in a few areas of your site. But in return, you’re getting a much more advanced website.

Here is a list of things you’ll need to apply your settings to:

  • The price of every single food item
  • MyRestaurant > Store settings > Delivery hours
  • MyRestaurant > Store settings > Business hours hours
  • MyRestaurant > Store settings > Upsell/related items
  • MyRestaurant > Store settings > Reservation settings
  • MyRestaurant > Store settings > Coupon settings
  • Widgets may be lost (only on some installations)

3. There are also new settings to be found for the mobile version of your website, which require your attention:

  • MyRestaurant > Homepage settings > Mobile homepage
  • MyRestaurant > Homepage settings > Mobile homepage content editor
  • MyRestaurant > MyRestaurant settings > Mobile settings

4. A new major feature is the advanced shopping cart, which needs to be set up. Your existing shopping cart settings will be lost after the update, so make sure to attend to this as well, otherwise the online ordering system will not function:

  • MyRestaurant > Webshop settings

V2.0 Enhancements

New features

  • New shopping cart engine
  • Added order management system
  • Added price ribbon text size setting
  • Added options to enable shortcode generator on all content types
  • Added option to set Food Items per page on menu cards
  • Added option to turn on/off slide titles in slideshow shortcode
  • Added option to edit homepage menu title
  • Added mobile homepage menu card category selector
  • Added mobile custom homepage content editor
  • Added mobile logo display option in header
  • Added mobile search option

Bug fixes

  • Shopping cart fixes
  • Style fixes
  • Fixed Slides admin page showing thumbnails in 2 sizes
  • Fixed WP 3.4 upload “Cheatin uh?” bug
  • URLEncoded Facebook share URL
  • Fixed menu card pagination
  • Fixed menu card display, if no image, display price if needed
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