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MultiToool WordPress Theme Framework

MultiToool is a premium WordPress theme framework from ThemeForest provides you with the ability to control every pixel of your website without touch any code. You can Drag & Drop everything.
Zen Layout :clean, minimalistic, polished, multipurpose skin
MultiToool Zen Layout

Sun Layout: bright, friendly and clean skin for a hospitality business
MultiToool Sun Layout

  • Skin – The MultiToool skin system is build to hold multiple skins. You can use the built in skins, modify them or create your own. There is also a ‘sample content’ import function to get you started quickly.
  • Templates – Every skin can have an unlimited number of templates. Every single page of your website can look differently, but you also can inherit design and/or content from one template to another.
  • Font – Import all the ‘fonts face kits’ fontsquirrel.com has to offer (currently 520), and use them every- where in your designs.
  • Resource Management – All the layout images are accessible through the interface, you can download, modify and re-upload them. There is even a layered Photoshop™ version for the complex ones.
  • Stylesheet Editor – MultiToool has an entire CSS editor built in. The MultiToool CSS Editor has a range of functions to ensure an intuitive operation, like autosuggested css definitions, an image selector, a color picker, and inline editing.
  • Template Editor – A template is composed of multiples layers which hold style and define content. The framework is designed to create the most common website structures quickly and easily, but also to allow more complex designs.
  • Droples – Droples define menus, logos, sliders, sidebars etc, but also the components of a single post, like headlines, tags, comment forms etc. They can be inserted and rearranged by drag & drop and styled individually.
  • Areas – Areas are the containers for droplets. They also have a big range of options to define custom queries. You can have as many areas as you want, they can be inserted and rearranged by drag & drop and styled individually.
  • Updates – Updating MultiToool won’t affect your custom skins and settings, but you always have the option to upgrade your existing skins with new available functionality or design choices.
  • Import/Export –If there is a new version of MultiToool available, a little notifier will pop up int he backend to let you know.
    • Skins – Import and export complete skins from one WordPress instance to another.
    • Fonts – Import fonts from fontsquirrel.com or export them for another WordPress project
    • Templates – Import and export templates from one skin to another
  • Support – To be able to provide profound and quick support, we have set up an KnowledgeBase, which is a combination of a FAQ site, support forum and documentation. It is accessible directly from the MultiToool panel.
  • MultiSite Ready – Every WordPress MultiSite instance can use it’s own skins, fonts and setting, but you need to maintain just one instance of MultiToool. Please make sure to use the proper license for multiple sites!
  • Nice Little Helpers – Besides the extensive documentation with narrated tutorial vides, there are little helpers everywhere in the interface, that let you retrieve quick information about the particular fields you are currently viewing.
  • No Clutter – Fast Loading – A theme with lots of JavaScript effect and plugins is often very slow. Not in this case, because only the used scripts and styles were loaded, and to make it even faster – they are combined in one single file.
  • System Requirements: WordPress 3.1.x, PHP 5 .2.x with ZIP extension, GD Lib 2 and Safe Mode off. Not tested on Windows Servers!
  • Browser Requirements – To ensure intuitive usability, the MultiToool backend relies on modern JavaScript and AJAX technology, therefore it works only in modern browsers (IE9, Firefox 4+, Safari 4+, Chrome6), Although the skins work in most browsers except the ancient ones like IE6 and IE7 .
  • Pictures Included – All the pictures you see in the skin demos come with the sample content and you are free to use them in your projects.

Price: $35

Demo & Release Page | Download

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