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Halcyon – A Responsive eCommerce WordPress Theme

Halcyon is a responsive ecommerce WordPress theme from RocketTheme with elegant and subtle, reflecting a conservative design direction, perfect for deployment on a professionally or commercially orientated site, or as an excellent platform for extensive and individual customization. The theme has integrated styling for Ecwid, a powerful third party and platform independent eCommerce solution. Halcyon is built on the Gantry Framework, providing ready access to its rich feature set such as an extensive administrator interface and per-override configuration options.

Halcyon WordPress Theme

Price: RocketTheme WordPress Theme Club Subscription $50 – $250

Demo | Release Page | Download


  • 10 Preset Styles
  • Powerful Core Gantry Framework
  • iPhone/Android viewing support
  • Ecwid Integrated
  • RocketTheme Plugins Styling
  • Custom Content Typography
  • FusionMegaMenu, SpliceMenu & Splitmenu
  • Load Transitions
  • 80 Widget Positions
  • 59 Structural and Stylistic variations
  • FF, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE7+ Compatible
  • W3C XHTML 1.0 / CSS Valid

Ecwid Integrated Theme

Ecwid is a revolutionary shopping cart that seamlessly integrates with your existing website. It can also be added to your page on social media networks, such as Facebook or mySpace.

RocketTheme Plugins Styling

A selection of our RocketTheme Plugins have been styled to integrate with the template:

  • RokNavMenu: A powerful feature rich platform extending WordPress menu.
  • RokAjaxSearch: An advanced ground-up revolutionary search plugin.
  • RokStories: An advanced content rotator widget with multiple layout modes.
  • RokTabs: A tabbed based content widget, with advanced display controls.
  • RokFeatureTable: A stylistic and highly configurable tabular data displayer..
  • RokNewsPager: A snippet content previewer, supports accordion and list layout styles.

RokNavMenu Powered Theme

RokNavMenu is a powerful menu component which provides functions above and beyond the capabilities of the core WordPress menu. It provides a feature rich platform for extending the menu, allowing for overrides and plugins for the menu itself, in addition to versatile theming capabilities and so much more.


SpliceMenu is a MooTools powered dropline menu system. The first and second level of menu items in the header and others in the sidebar.

Fusion with MegaMenu

Fusion is a javascript enhanced CSS dropdown menu system, that is fully crawlable by search engines. Mootools adds transitions and animations to the dropdown, providing a smooth and dynamic interface for the navigational structure. MegaMenu features include a vast assortment, such as multiple columns, grouped child items, dropdown widths and item distribution. These provide for individual control over each specific dropdown menu item or column.

Triple Level Splitmenu

The Triple Level Splitmenu on Halcyon provides a static menu system that displays 1st and 2nd level items in the main horizontal menu and further children in the Sidebar.

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