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Citi – A One Page Business WordPress Theme

Citi is a one page parallax style PageLines child theme based on PageLines Framework. Citi works great for freelancers, or business’ with several employees. It’s been engineered to bend and flex to accommodate a wide range of uses. This theme is largely plug-and-play. Each section has been pre-designed, so all that’s needed to make Citi Theme yours is to fill in the blanks.

Citi WordPress Theme
Citi Child Theme: $59.99
PageLines Framework Professional Edition: $197
PageLines Framework Developer Edition: $397

Demo & Release Page | Download


  • Parallax Imagery – Each section of the theme is separated by images that you can change out in the options. As you scroll, each image moves slightly giving Citi a bit of subtle awesome sauce. You can also set 1 of 5 transparent patterns to overlay the image sections.
  • Tweets & Links – Display your last tweet, and show links to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Github.
  • Ginormous Welcome Banner – Simply fill out whatever text you’d like and Citi will smush it, or expand it to fill the space. You can also specify a color for this text using a convenient color picker.
  • List Employees – Under the About section you can choose to display 0-10 employees with job titles and links to social networks, making City a great fit for freelancers on up to big business with multiple employees.
  • WordPress Galleries – Display your big beautiful images by simply creating a WordPress gallery, and filling in the ID of the page that the gallery sits on. You can optionally install the free WordPress plugin Gallery Carousel without Jetpack to setup your galleries just like the demo.
  • Gravity Form Support – The contact section has built in support for Gravity Forms. Simply turn on the Gravity Form option, and supply the ID of the form. It’s just that simple.
  • Latest Posts – Display any number of recent posts, linked to a full post with perfect font-size and line-height. Single pages do have a fixed width to maintain consistency in vertical rhythm.
  • Color & Layout Control – Citi has been built to allow you full control over colors and the width of the layout of the main page. The red accent color on the demo is linked to the Link Color in Color Control. In fact, all the red accents across the site are dynamically linked to the the Link Color in Color Control. Change it as you please.
  • Content Control – Each section of the theme is made of pre-designed content. You can toggle this content away by simply providing a page ID giving you ultimate control.
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