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WooThemes 2nd Birthday WordPress Theme Promotion

9 July 2010 will mark the exact date two years ago that celebrated the launch of the WooThemes brand.Going through their blog archives, support forum & e-mail threads for the past 2 years, it’s obvious that the company has come a very long way.Let’s celebrate the WooThemes 2nd Birthday and say happy birthday to them.

In the past two years, WooThemes have:

  • Released: 71 WordPress Themes, 7 Tumblr Themes, 6 Drupal Themes & 10 ExpressionEngine Themes.
  • Published 363 posts, in 38 categories using 386 tags. Also created 128 pages.
  • Expanded our team to 8 full-time members.
  • Grown our community to over 30 000 members.

GO to WooThemes for more details

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