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Obox OCMX Version 2.5 Released

I’m very pleased to announce OCMX Framework has been updated to version 2.5. Since creating the Obox Mobile Framework, you already can move some of its functionality to OCMX. If you expect more updates in the future, please kindly subscribe Best WordPress Themes.

Obox OCMX Version 2.5 released
New Features

  • Auto-updating — No longer is there any need to update your themes using FTP or your site’s cpanel! All updates will be done inside the theme options with the click of a button.
  • Drag & Drop Advert Management — Advert management has added drag & drop capability for the 125×125 and 300px adverts.
  • Improved Image Quality — Improving image quality for gallery images and the post “Main Image”.
  • Improved Gallery functionality — Removing a gallery will now also remove the attatched custom-post, which means there are no empty ocmx galleries in Appearance > Menu.

Standard: $50
Developer: $100
Membership: $15/Month

Demo & Release Page | Download

OCMX 2.5 is available to all themes which are currently using OCMX 2.0 or higher. Auto Updates as it will now be a lot easier to push through enchancements and upgrades to your themes without you needing to worry about it.


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