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Kids Toys Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Kids Toys is a premium WordPress shop theme from ThemeForest designed for children’s activities or products. This theme would be ideal for an online shop selling 10 to 50 products. It could be for baby or childrens clothing, toys, games, online activities or anything.

Kids Toys WordPress Theme


  • WordPress Shop Home Page – latest products, blog posts, and widgets.
  • The “All Products” Page – showing all products and shop categories on the site.
  • An example of the WordPress Email Newsletter with shop products automatically added to it.
  • An example Full Product page in this wordpress shopping cart. Make sure you click on the images, and the “submit review”, and the “ask a question” buttons. Pretty cool ey!
  • A quick screencast showing how easy it is to add a new product to this simple wordpress shopping cart
  • Screenshots of the wordpress shop and backend options. Check out some of the shop settings and previews of the order confirmation emails.
  • The contact page with re-captcha to help stop any annoying spam!
  • The wordpress help file that comes with this blog (instructions on how to install the wordpress theme, shop and newsletter)
  • Sign up to the demo newsletter on the right hand side (tick “Our Latest Products”) and you will receive an automatic sample email a few minutes later.

Price: $40

Demo & Release Page | Download

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