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Frugal Premium WordPress Theme

Frugal is an ultra clean,light, fast and flexible premium WordPress theme framework that gives full control over the design, layout and functionality without needing to touch the code.The Frugal theme has a framework design giving you the power and flexibility to create a site that’s uniquely yours.

Some of the subtle features.

The features of the frugal WordPress theme are generally subtle extras that can make ALL the difference.

  • A free ebook guide to help you get the most out of your frugal theme and learn to customize it to your hearts content.
  • The ability to easily upload a custom logo.
  • Custom avatar. In stock form, WordPress allows for a stock avatar image to sit to the left of the name of the commenter of your blog.
  • Custom Favicon.
  • Threaded comments.
  • Two 468×60 ad/feature widgets.
  • 468×60-post-widget
  • Custom blockquotes.
  • Social buttons.
  • Simple, easy to locate RSS and Email links for your blogs feed.
  • Images WILL center!
  • THIS code validates!

Frugal Theme Price:
Personal: $87
Developer: $164

Frugal Theme Skins


Price: $29 | Demo & Release Page | Download


Price: $29 | Demo & Release Page | Download


Price: $29 | Demo & Release Page | Download


Price: $29 | Demo & Release Page | Download


Price: $29 | Demo & Release Page | Download


Price: $29 | Demo & Release Page | Download

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