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ecoPhoto2 Photography WordPress Theme

ecoPhoto2 is the new ground breaking WordPress theme from iDesigneEco built for photographers. It uses your high resolution photos to create a one of a kind, browser-wide photo gallery.Create stunning multiple full screen slideshow of your high resolution photos. Your photos are laid out in a dynamic grid that can be navigated with mouse or or arrow keys.

ecophoto2 WordPress Theme

ecoPhoto2’s New Features different from the old ecoPhoto

  • Support for multiple, category based galleries on the homepage
  • New, dynamically scrolling thumbnail strip
  • Better handling of high resolution photos
  • Lighter and faster!

?Standard Features

  • All ecoThemes are tested across popular modern browsers to ensure compatibility
  • All our themes come with backend administration panel where you can customize various aspects of the theme
  • Clean code,if you are a developer, you’ll love our code
  • Enhance your site with the bundled ecoWidgets
  • All our themes are super lite in size and super fast. That is, on average, 175 KB
  • Even more stuff

Price: $49

Demo & Release Page | Download

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