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Braincast Premium WordPress Theme

Braincast is a professional presonal blog WordPress theme from Storelicious. The theme includes mootools for a different visual and functional aspects, and a variety of other options such as text size and type can be configured from the administration panel.


  • Support for Widgets
  • Flickr integration
  • del.icio.us integration
  • Setting size and type of text
  • Integration with Google Adsense
  • Theme ToolKit
  • Pre-loaded Plugins
  • Support for Asides (quick notes)
  • Recognition author comments
  • Quicktags in comments optional
  • Support for translation (localization) theme


Single for $ 70

StoreLicious Subscriptions Plans (access to all theme)
Basic $ 140
Standard $240
Plus $ 215
Pro $355

Demo & Release Page | Download

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